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MitoGenomics News and Ads Archive

Scripps, Sanofi Personalized Medicine Pact to Focus Initial PGx Research on Diabetes, Aging  20100818  
Accumulation of mutations over the entire mitochondrial genome of breast cancer cells obtained by tissue microdissection: 20100810  
►Theragen Totalomics Solutions Launched 20100711   Genome sequencing product  
Personal Genomics Institute established 20100419   Genome Institutes  
The first fully public female human genome: Rosalynn Gill: PGP9. 20100330.  
The dynamic genome of Hydra Nature. 2010 Mar 25 ⇒ Animal Genome  
The Human Genome Rights Declaration. 20100315   GenomeEthics  
GET conference Boston by PGP Boston, 27th April.
IonTorrent ion-sequencing machine announced publically
►20100310 Whole-Genome Sequencing in a Patient with Charcot–Marie–Tooth Neuropathy
► GATC Biotech Purchases HiSeq 2000 Instrument. 20100126.  GenomeSequencer
A korean genome sequence is announced to the public using a Solexa sequencer. The first full length Korean genome analysis. 5th personal genome.

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What is MitoGenomics?

Getting your own Genome  Genomic Equality Interesting things in your Genome
Personal Genome Project  Free Genomics Project  Public Genomics Project
Possible genomic diseases of you  Free genomes Compare your genome with other people's
Storing your genome in you PC  Viewing your genetics family Visualizing your genome
 Fully sequenced genomes Specific Omics Genome Projects
Full Genome Sequencing    

Human MitoGenomics 
     Fully sequenced human genomes  |  Fully sequenced female human genome

    Mitochondrial Genomics: Human mitochondrial genomics.
    Y Genomics: Human Y chromosome genomics.

Species Specific MitoGenomics
     C. elegans Genomics
     Cow genome
     Daphnia Genomics Consortium (DGC) (Insect genome)
     Rice Genome at BGI China
     Sol Genomics: Tomato
     Tiger Genome: TigerGenome Project by PGI Korea.
     Yeast Genome: SGD

MitoGenomics Projects

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MitoGenomics List File:Abc alphabet icon 4.png

Agrogenomics  Anthropogenomics  Autogenomics

Chemicogenomics | Chemogenomics | Chemgenomics
Ecogenomics  Econogenomics  Equigenomics  Ethnogenomics  Eugenomics
Gastrogenomics  Getontogenomics  Gerogenomics
Immunogenomics  Immunomics
Mammogenomics  Metagenomics  Microgenomics  Mitogenomics  Mycogenomics
Nanogenomics  Neurogenomics  NitroGenomics  Nutrigenomics | Nutragenomics
Omnigenomics  Oncogenomics  Osteogenomics
Pangenomics  Phylogenomics  Phytogenomics  Pulmogenomics  Psychogenomics


MitoGenomics Branchesmac data recovery

Comparative Genomics

Free Genomics
Health Genomics  Human Genomics
Open Genomics
Personal Genomics  Public Genomics  Public Health Genomics

Synthetic Genomics

MitoGenome Size:

MitoGenomics Papers

MitoGenomics Essays and Opinions

The Ultimate information of human beings  Who have to insist on the first in genomics  
Genomic Philosophy    

MitoGenomics Analysis Tools and Technology

Bioinformatics Sequencing Omics
BioPipelines GRID technology BioEngine
Biomatics SNP chip BioComputing
Genome compression Genome sequence mapping JMP Genomics by SAS
Amalga from Microsoft    

MitoGenomics Companies File:Genome 2.png   Affymetrix,  Agowa
   Celera Decode DNA  Human Genome Sciences, Inc.  Illumina   Microsoft  NanoGen    
 Nimblegen  Personal Genome Companies  
 Integrated Genomics: Chicago based Synthetic Genomics: by Venter   U.S. Genomics

MitoGenomics Meetings

2010 Genomics Meetings 2009 Genomics Meetings 2008 Genomics Meetings
2007 Genomics Meetings 2006 Genomics Meetings 2005 Genomics Meetings
2004 Genomics Meetings 2003 Genomics Meetings 2002 Genomics Meetings

MitoGenomics Centers

 Sanger Institute    BGI    PGI  

MitoGenomics Organizations and Alliances

Microsoft BioIT Alliance
Stanford Genomics Resources

MitoGenomics People

 You!  Fred Sanger  George Church  James Watson
 Craig Venter  Seongjin Kim   Yang Huanming  

MitoGenomics by Country

 British Genomics: Genomics in the UK
 Canadian Genomics
 Chinese Genomics
 Korean Genomics: PGI  TBI
 Netherlands Genomics
 US Genomics: Genomics in the USA
 Japanese Genomics: GenomeNet

MitoGenomics Methods

 Karyotyping  PCR  Immunoprecipitation SDS-page
Mass spectrometry Yeast Two Hybrid    
 Western blot  Northern blot  Southern blot Immunofluorescence
 Chromosomal watlking  RFLP Elisa Real-time PCR

MitoGenomics Theory

MitoGenomics History

MitoGenomics Glossary

     More Genomics Glossary

MitoGenomics Programs

Genome alignement programs 
Genome visualization programs

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MitoGenomics Portals

Opinion on MitoGenomics 
     About Human Genome Project

MitoGenomics Issues and Problems
     Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008

MitoGenomics Journals

 BMC Genomics  
 Genome Biology by BMC Ltd with Springer Science
 Elsevier Genomics
 BMC Medical Genomics
 Open Genomics Journal
 Physiological Genomics by The American Physiological Society
 Genome Research by CSHL

MitoGenomics books

MitoGenome Wish: what I can do with my genome. 

MitoGenomics version 2.0

Full MitoGenomics

MitoGenomic Art 

MitoGenomics Prizes

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Find scientific journals and articles.
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Find businesses in genomics, bioinformatics, proteomics, microarray and related area.

Venture capitals and funds. Industry information
See genomics resource and information portals.

Genome Databases
Find sequence databases for DNA, RNA, and whole genomes.

Genome Analysis

DNA analysis.  Sequence comparisons and alignment. Gene predictions.

Genomes and diseases.

Search for genes in biochemical pathways.

SNPs and Variomics
Search for SNPs and mutations.
Population genetics and personalized medicine.

▣  Microarrays and Differential Displays 
Expression database, analysis and visualization.

▣  Protocols and Laboratory Resources for Genomics

Experimental methods and protocols.

▣  Brief history of genomics


MitoGenome references

Post genomics era
     Genomics era has arrived in 2008. Post-genomics era will come in 2050. - Jong Bhak

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